Friday, June 09, 2006

Week of 06-09-2006

For my ongoing project to glue the missing pieces between ibm portal and documentum this week i was busy cleaning up my code mostly. There were code fragments that was not used and I took those out. Fixed most of the issues reported by checkstyle, findbugs, and pmd reports.

Another key feature was to parse the server side include files as well. The idea is take all relative links published by documentum to modify for portal to recognize those. We are using the wps:urlGeneration tag to do that. The issue was that include files were being ignored but that is fixed now.

Next week I am hoping to provide caching for parsed content files and navigation files.

Also, read up an article in DDJ on web 2.0 and the key thing that I got was that the new brave web world will be more contextualized and collaboration driven than ever before. Another interesting information was software engineering podcast on domain driven development. We seem to now have model driven developement and event driven development as new paradigms as well. Interesting and hope to have fun learning more on those.

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