Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Week of 06-02-2006

I am currently involved in the development of a portal project using IBM websphere portal. The project involves integration of portal and documentum based publishing. It is surprising that there is no direct integration between the two products, something like what BEA portal and documentum has. Here one system has no idea about the other so we are writing glue code that integrates the two. We are providing customization around personalization, navigation, and content rendering.

Project will continue for few more weeks and this week was focussed on integrating the navigation feature. Authors will be publishing the content and associating the navigation with taxonomy files (represented as xml files) and our glue code will take that content and render it withing a portal page. Navigation glue code is in a custom portal theme which paints the left nav. Now I will be focussing on the different scenarios how the navigation should behave. There are several requirements where the entire tree will be displayed or display just the same level nodes and so on. Each level is denoted in the taxonomy file and there can be n-levels.

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