Sunday, March 23, 2008

MVC or application portlets (JSR 168/286, Struts, JSF, Springs, etc)

This category of portal integration pattern is when portlets are developed in-house as full fledged applications. This could be from simple to complex ranging from 1 view to multiple views. Portlet developer implements all the tiers of standard MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. Code can be written using standard JSP, JSTL, Java as well as several popular frameworks like Struts, JSF, Spring, etc but make sure whatever framework you choose is supported/integrated with portal product that you are using.

When developing portlets make sure to implement using standard portlet API JSR 168. The newer portlet 2.0 standard JSR 286 has also been improved but may have limited support by vendors. It is best to avoid using propritory portlet framework like IBM portlet API which is now deprecated with IBM Portal 6x.

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