Monday, August 07, 2006

[copied from IBM blog] A new company enters the enterprise mashup space

A new company enters the enterprise mashup space: "Dion Hinchcliffe asserts in this post that enterprise mashups are becoming increasingly important to IT organizations and the business they support. However tools to enable the creation of enterprise mashups are few and far between. In fact, while he notes 'Not sure about any of this? IBM has clearly identified mashups as a key enterprise trend as well', he only cites one tool that meets all his criteria: 'However, I've recently come across one product that clearly shows almost the full potential of enterprise mashups in a single package, despite a few rough edges. Datamashups.comI recently came across Applibase's impressive site, and more than any other product I've seen so far, it clearly demonstrates the possibilities and potential of enterprise mashups guided by end-users and shared amongst co-workers. The site has an excellent service preview that lets you quickly start assembling mashups visually, right online, using a rich palette of pre-existing widgets, feeds, data from local and remote SQL database"

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