Monday, July 31, 2006

[blogged from google reader] Open Service Oriented Architecture

Open Service Oriented Architecture: "Vendors have established an organization to develop a standard programming model for SOA. The Open Service Oriented Architecture (OSOA) collaboration is a group of 15 vendors who are working together to develop a standard programming model for SOA. IBM is one of the founding members. Nine vendors who have just joined include Sun Microsystems, Tibco, and Red Hat. The SOA programming model being developed is based on service component architecture (SCA) and service data objects (SDO) specifications, which were created by IBM (SDO was co-created with BEA) but are now being developed by this group of vendors. Thus far, the only products that implement the SCA spec (which includes the SDO spec) are from IBM: WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus. Apache Tuscany will be (is?) an open-source implementation of the specs. I've talked about SCA and SDO previously: Service Component Architecture (SCA) Industry Leaders Endorse SCA Spec David Chappell: Why Service Component Architecture Is Big News Apache Tuscany For more information "

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