Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Kapow Robots

I am using Kapow to create 'web clipping robots'. It is kind of neat as Kapow lets you clip any page and then out of the box you can create IBM Portal 5 portlets. You can also create portlets for BEA portal 8.1. I was able to successfully create 3 IBM portlets. These were created as .war files and I was able to install them seamlessly in our test environment. We had RoboServer also running in the background and it looked like it was all set. However the portlet contents were empty. Troubleshooting revealed that Kapow also creates a .robot file for every web clipped content and they needed to be installed under the "{KAPOW_HOME}|projects" folder.

By the way linux version of Kapow provide "RoboServer" and "RoboServerService" as runtime component. Use RoboServer, I am not sure what RoboServerService is as it was not doing anything.

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